Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupation Profiles


The Healthcare Practitioners and Technical occupation profiles below include specific information about the nature of the work; average earnings; underlying training and education; related occupations; and corresponding academic programs.

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Fast Facts: As of 2008, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated 7,076,800 employed in the Healthcare Practitioners and Technical occupational group earning the mean annual income of $67,890.

Highest Paid Lowest Paid


What’s Hot: As some form of universal healthcare periodically receives national attention, (as of 2008) the top ten spots of the Healthcare Practitioners and Technical group all exceed $150,000 in annual average income led by “Surgeons” ($206,770), “Anesthesiologists” ($197,570) and the small number of “Orthodontists” (5,500 members averaging $194,930); the 16 top paid occupations in this group average over $100,000. In addition, animal lovers are compensating “Veterinarians” $89,450 (that’s a lot of milk bones) and the somewhat misunderstood “Chiropractors” average $81,340.

What’s Not: In light of the U.S.’ collective obsession with dieting, the Least Paid “Dietetic Technicians” ($27,580) with only 24,620 members should be more highly recruited and paid more. Also, while athletes are among the Best Paid in the Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media group, “Athletic Trainers,” who help keep the players on the field, are among the Least Paid at $41,620. Notwithstanding their television profile, “Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics” only average $31,980.

Sources: In addition to specific citations noted, supplementary source materials include the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.