Materials Clerk

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Job Description

Stores/Materials Clerk:

General Description: The following Grade description represents a multi-skilled job classification. This multi-skilled job classification includes the skills of Stores/Materials Clerk. The qualified employee must possess a minimum of the following listed skills. In addition the following skills are the minimum knowledge and competency requirements necessary for this position subsequent to completing the probationary period. The knowledge and skill requirements are listed below for the entire job classification. The functions of a Stores/Materials Clerk will be performed under close supervision in a timely manner and with acceptable quality.

Knowledge Requirements: The Stores/Materials Clerk must possess the minimum knowledge listed below.

  • Complete working knowledge of how Stores/Materials Department works and knowledge of how Shipping and Receiving works.

  • Complete working knowledge of the Inspection Procedures.

  • Complete knowledge of Stores/Materials documents and Shipping and Receiving documents.

  • Complete working knowledge of warehouse control, inventory control, and related duties.

  • Complete knowledge of tools and their accountability.

  • Complete knowledge of all related skill area machines and equipment used in Stores/Materials and Shipping and Receiving.

Skills and Ability Requirements: The Stores/Materials Clerk also must possess the minimum skills and abilities listed below.

  • Fully capable of handling any material needs, solving material problems, and inventory control issues as they arise.

  • Fully capable of updating computer generated inventories and documents.

  • ERP experience is a plus. If no prior experience, must be trainable to complete inventory transactions in an ERP system.

Performance Behavior Requirements (Competencies): The following list describes the performance behaviors necessary to meet the minimum requirements.

" Commitment: Takes the lead in recommending and establishing departmental goals and objectives. Makes a commitment to assist others in learning new skills and processes. Encourages others to assume responsibilities in the normal course of their daily work and provides assistance to help others develop their own level of commitment.

" Entrepreneurship: Performs work with a constant awareness of improving processes necessary for positive growth. Uses extensive knowledge and skill to take calculated risks and does so confidently and successfully.

" Innovation: Develops innovative ideas and incorporates them effectively into work processes. Works with others to incorporate these positive ideas into daily practice. Assists others in implementing their ideas and makes recommendations for further improvements.

" Judgment: Acts as a sounding board for others prior to decisions. Is looked upon by others as someone with sound judgment and is a resource for them. Makes excellent decisions that results in improved production and workflow.

" Leadership: Assumes a natural leadership role for all employees in the classification. Able to assume the temporary role of Supervisor when needed.

" Perseverance: Has the ability to complete tasks ahead of schedule while assisting others on techniques to improve their performance. Always willing to go the extra mile to complete projects on schedule. Does not give up on tasks until completed in a quality manner.

" Professionalism: Encourages and reminds others to act in a businesslike and professional manner. Takes extra effort to improve knowledge and skills to be the best in the profession. Adheres to the highest level of professionalism by demonstrating honesty, integrity and maturity.

" Rigor/Self-Discipline: Communicates clearly and effectively to others the steps in a process and the importance of following that process. Clearly understands the rationale for why processes must follow certain steps. Can identify multiple projects and prioritize them in order to meet required deadlines. Can take exiting project information and align others effectively within the department to achieve desired results.

" Teamwork: Leads others in a team problem solving process. Prompts others to contribute knowledge and information to assist the team. Keeps the team focused and on track and resolves any interpersonal issues arising that may jeopardize team success.

Minimum Entry Level Requirements:

High School diploma or equivalent. A minimum of six years Stores/Material related experience or have demonstrated knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the above mentioned tasks.

Job Requirements

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